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A Transparent Guide to the Real Estate Transaction Process with 3%NY

Selling a home can be a complex journey. It also can require a great deal of preparation work on the part of the seller. To guide you through this, we've divided it into four distinct phases.

​​We’re presenting all of this information to help ensure a smooth and successful transaction, with as little stress as possible. From preparing your property (staging) for a photo shoot and for the visits of potential buyers to the excitement of the closing day.

Our comprehensive guide offers insights, tips, and invaluable information to empower you at every step of your real estate adventure. Whether you're a seller looking to maximize your property's potential or a buyer ready to navigate the complexities of a real estate transaction, our step-by-step guide is available to all, regardless of whom you choose to represent you.

Living Room with Gallery Wall

Phase I

Initial Consultation & Gathering Information

Initial Consultation & Gathering Information


Be prepared to answer questions about property details, maintenance, assessments, alterations, and permits.


Contact the  3%NY  team to set up an initial consultation.

Interior Design

Phase II

Wall Clock

Preparing for the Big Day -
The Time Between Contract & Closing

During this phase, it's crucial to closely collaborate with your attorney and diligently follow their guidance. 

The duration of this phase can vary, spanning from weeks to months, contingent on various factors like:

  • Cash vs. loan purchases

  • Tenant occupancy

  • Permit requirements

Designed Cabinet

Phase III

Your Closing Date

Learn about the pivotal closing date, whether it's in person or remote, and who the key participants are in this decisive phase.


Meet the cast of characters who will join you at the closing table, ensuring a smooth transition of property ownership.


Dive into the exciting yet paper-filled world of signing documents at your real estate closing, guided by your trusted attorney.

Getting Paid

Celebrate the culmination of your real estate journey by understanding how you'll receive your well-deserved proceeds after the closing.


Phase IV

Post-Closing (if any)

Explore the possibility of a post-closing phase where the property changes hands, even after the closing.

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